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When placing an order, please ensure that you are order in-stock items and not a mix of pre-order items. If you do, it will delay in the processing of your order.

When your order is submitted to us, the billing department will check the availability of the items ordered and will bill you accordingly. If an item is in backorder, you will be notified via email by one of our customer representative about the status of your order. If it an item is completely out of stock, you will not be billed for that item and your order will be adjusted accordingly.

All funds marked on the website are in USD funds. Depending on your credit card bank, they will convert the amount that we have processed from CND funds to USD funds for you. In some overseas bank, the charge will be marked as CND funds. The exchange rate being used is bank dependant, we are not held responsible for any discrepancy with the exchange rate that your bank use.

If your order cannot be filled out because of the availability of the items or your card has been declined you will be notified via email by our automatic response system. Please ensure that your anti-spam program does not block our automatic response emailing system.

Once your order has been accepted and billed, it will be transfert over to the shipping department for packing and shipping. Please visit our Shipping Information Page for futher help on our shipping policies.

The order process begins when you’ve reviewed the items in your Shopping Cart and then clicked the Checkout button.

You will be asked to supply your shipping address in order to determine the estimate total of your purchase. You will see a Checkout Page showing your cart contents and then fill out the billing information. If your billing information matches the shipping information please click on "Same as Shipping". When you are ready to make your purchase click the "Place Order" button to send us your order.

That's it. Your Confirmation Page will be displayed containing your order number. You will also receive an e-mail from us confirming that the order was successfully received.
We accept all major credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, and American Express

We also accept money orders drafted in US funds and personal checks. However they will be held for 10 days until check clears. Please send all money orders and checks to:
5480 Vanden-Abeele
Saint Laurent, Qc
Canada, H4S 1P9

We take your security very seriously, and are committed to protecting your personal information. We use state-of-the-art GeoTrust SSL encryption in the transfer of all sensitive information and do not share this information with any other parties. offers the opportunity to pre-order some toys before they have been released. If you place a pre-order, you will not be charged. You will only be charged on the day that the items are received in our warehouse and the shipping department acknowledge this to our billing department.

We receive pre-orders in large quantity. Your orders are filtered out accordingly on when you have placed the order with us.

Please do not mix in-stock items with pre-order items. Your order will be delayed in processing since the billing department must adjust the charge on your order to accomodate for this. We only charge for what is being sent out and pre-order items are not part of it. Hence why on the bill that you will receive it will mark which items are pre-order.

For more information about pre-orders please visit our pre-order page.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping quote on pre-order products are tentative. If the product weights more than expected, your bill will be re-adjusted accordingly.
You must contact us with your order number within 24hrs of placing your order via the Contact Form in order to cancel your order without penalty. If you are cancelling before the allowed timed for our shipping department to ship out your product from our warehouse we will refund you the amount charged minus a 15% restocking fee. Your shipping WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. ALL ORDERS THAT ARE NOT CANCELLED WITHIN 24 HOURS WILL BE REFUNDED BY A USPS USD FUNDS MONEY ORDER. FOR CANADIANS IT WILL BE A CANADA POST MONEY ORDER. (Note: as stated in the shipping information page, that it may take up to 10 business day to ship your product out.).
You must contact us with your order number within 24hrs of placing your order via the Contact Form in order to cancel your order without penalty. When cancelling a pre-order item, we will charge your credit card 15% and your shipping cost of the pre-order items of what would have been charged as stated on our pre-order page as a cancellation fee.
We ( are not responsible for the change of date on releases that the manufacturer releases to us. It is subject to change. We are also not responsible for when a product gets changed or cancelled.
How to place an order via MONEY ORDER for US and Canadian clients only:
1. Place all of the items into your shopping cart.

2. Once you have finished adding all items into your shopping cart, click on check out and then select your location.

3. Print out the next screen that shows up. It will include the quanity of the item you wish to order, the name of the figure, the price per figure and the total. Then it will have shipping costs, taxes (if applicable), insurance and finally the total.

4. On that sheet please clearly write your name and mailing address.

5. Enclose a money order payable in US funds and mail it to: 5480 Vanden Abeele St. St. Laurent, QC H4S 1P9

6. employee will take your order and process it. You will then recieve an email copy of your order and an order number so that you can track your package. YOU MUST PROVIDE US WITH A PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS.

If we do not offer a different version of a product and we state that the product will be fill at random, you may NOT request a certain color and YOU MAY NOT return the product claiming that it was not known that the order will be filled at random. For example Mcfarlane Military has a notice explaining that a random skin tone will be chosen at random.

We will mark at the heading of the main product page viewed if there are any random filling of the orders (such as for Bakugan a random filling of the packaging will be filled for boosters pack. You will receive what you have order however will depending on the availability give you a different packaging for the product you have ordered). THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE ON OUR PART IF IT IS ADVERTISED ON THE PAGE AT SUCH. PLEASE REMEMBER TO INFORM US VIA EMAIL OR PHONE CALL OF ANY RETURNS SO THAT WE MAY INSERT IT IN OUR DATABASE. ALL UN-ADVISED RETURNS WILL FOLLOW THE POLICIES OF REFUNDS ACCORDING TO WHAT IS MENTIONED ON OUR WEBPAGE.
We do NOT take phone orders. We appologize for this. The easiest way to place an order with us is through our website. We do not have a catalogue, our entire inventory is what you see on our webpage.

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