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Placing an international order is as easy as placing a domestic order.
  1. Simply fill your shopping cart. When you are ready to place your order click "Checkout".
  2. Select your country for your location, the amount shown on your order form is NOT the correct international shipping cost.
  3. Fill in your credit card details.
  4. Your credit card will be billed for INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & HANDLING which might be higher.
That's it! Your order has been submitted and you will receive a confirmation number by e-mail. The shipping address is the address to which you want us to send your order
Your billing address is the address at which you receive your credit card bills/statements. The billing address you give us MUST match the billing address of the credit card being used.
As long as your credit card bills go to a confirmed international address we can ship to any address within the U.S. If you have a friend, family member or shipping agent within within the U.S., we would be happy to ship your order to that address.
We can ship to any country that you wish us to send the item to as long as your billing address is correct. You will be help responsible for the correct information given on the shipping address.
If the credit card being used for any order has a U.S. billing address, we will gladly ship the order outisde of the U.S. providing we can verify that this is yours and in your possession. That is hwy we require the CVV number for all our orders. Your CVV number is the last 3-4 digits in the back of your credit card.
All international orders (outisde of the US and Canada) will be shipping via USPS Priority Mail and you will receive a tracking number through e-mail.

Rates: The cost of international shipping varies greatly based on size, weight, method and destination country. PLEASE BE ADVISED that the shipping quote at checkout is for NORTH AMERICA ONLY. Your shipping quote will be readjusted when your order is processed if you live overseas.

Insurance and Tracking: This is provided with every single order that we ship out. We insure your package for a flat fee of 2.50USD.

Time in Transit: Due to extra paperworks (customs forms and clearance) it can take up to 15 working days before your item is shipped out.
There might be duties and import taxes on your package and WE ARE NOT responsible for those fees.
Rates: The cost of international shipping varies greatly based on size, weight, method and destination country. Unfortunately, we can only provide you with estimates for shipping as we do not know the actual weight or size of your package until it is ready to ship. If you would like to know the shipping you will be charge before you order, please fill out the Product Form with a list of items you are planning to order and we will return a more precise quote. Please note that you might be charged an duty or import tax. We are not responsible for this, and we can not give you an estimate of how much this will be. In order to save you money on the import tax we do mark your package as GIFT.

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