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Thor Movie Roleplay - Thor Sword and Shield
>Product Name: Thor Movie Roleplay - Thor Sword and Shield
>Manufacturer: Hasbro Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

he Armor of Asgard includes the legendary weapons that warriors and gods have used for thousands of years. Now, they have been passed to you! Take on the power of Asgard, and equip yourself for battle against the most powerful foes in the Nine Realms. Make super hero action come alive with the awesome Armor of Asgard Sword and Shield. When villains rear their ugly heads and you ve got to save the day, wield your weapon just like your favorite hero would! With its details that make the action as realistic as can be, you ll be ready to carry your sword and shield with you on every adventure or until the villains are defeated!

$ 23.95
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